A wedding in red in Burgundy

They met at school, and are in a couple since their senior year. Thirteen years and a little Emma later, My Hang and Bastien said yes a few months ago in Burgundy… A wedding photographed by Coralie Lescieuxthat you can also find with us next February at LOVE.ETC !

“We knew each other from college through David, one of Bastien’s two witnesses with whom I played tennis from time to time. Then we ended up in the same class in first ear, in high school and that’s where we started talking to each other. Our story could never have started : I remember very well that on the first day of school, looking at the list of students in my class, I said to my best friend, “Oh no, we’re with David and Bastien.” It should be known that at the time these two were real “terrors”of the class, but as the year passed, we got to know each other and to appreciate each other.”

“When we came back from Asia, where Bastien went for a big project in the spring of 2016, we thought it was the right time to start a family. To our great surprise to both of us, I became pregnant quickly and then, in January 2017, he organized a charade through the streets of our neighborhood in Lausanne that led us to the lake where he (finally) made his proposal.

“Being pregnant and with busy jobs, we thought that if we wanted to get married the following year, we needed someone to help us, and that’s where Sarah, my witness, advised me to contact Kristell from the agency A Very Special Day based in Geneva.  We met her and the feeling was immediate : Kris is full of pep’s and corresponded well to us. French but inhabitants in Switzerland for more than 10 years, We wanted to get married first in Switzerland in a small committee, then meet all our friends and family for a big party in France. However, we did well because after living the civilian we said that it was good and too short but fortunately we had the second part that was coming. “

“We chose Burgundy for two simple reasons: the wine of the region that we appreciate and the location just perfect, almost in the middle between Switzerland and the Paris region where almost all the family of Bastien.

Kris made a first selection of venues that met our criteria and we visited two of them. And we fell in love with a large mansion with its forest area, which offered us an idyllic setting for our wedding with lots of greenery and privacy. She gave us the opportunity to welcome our family and our witnesses on site. With the help of Kris we then gradually built our universe. Although Kris was there to help us, we wanted to create our own save-the-date and share. We also wanted to take care of the drinks: indeed, we knew a very good winegrower in Nolay, met during a show in Haute-Savoie, and we wished him to be there. And then it was a good excuse to return to his field to taste his wines again and redo our stock at the same time. For champagne, ditto, we worked with the house Pol Cochet that we had met in the past and kept in mind the quality of the product. The rest of the providers were advised and / or unearthed. Our leitmotiv: eating well, drinking well, laughing well. For parents with small children, we used educators and for everyone to go back safely a shuttle system was set up. It was our way of thanking our friends and families. “

“We arrived Friday in the afternoon and we were able to settle down quietly. In the evening, we ate at the good franquette (large pasta carbo pasta without the bacon forgotten from the shopping list) with people on and some other friends that night, Bastien and I had a quiet evening, but our friends had already started hostilities. “

Then D-Day finally arrived and wow that happiness! Everything was not perfect with little hiccups here and there and stress but we could live the day we wanted with our friends and family! Kris at our side throughout the process was the best decision we made, she was able to coordinate the providers and rely on our witnesses to help her and we were able to make the most of our day. “

“The church was about 20 minutes from the house : my high school friend Alexander drove me there with my dad in his old Rolls Royce, which by chance was in the colors of our wedding, when we arrived in front of the church, the guests were still on the forecourt, so we did a little tour and we stopped for about fifteen minutes on a parking lot.To make me de-stresser he made me drink in the parking lot a small shot of port out of zero Indeed, it made us all feel good! “

“From then on, everything was going on at high speed, the ceremony with a lot of surprises and emotions, the return to the house to throw the cocktail and the photos, and then the meal in this magnificent crystal tent. in the middle of the trees, and finally the party until the early morning.

To enjoy even more of our entourage, a brunch was planned on Sunday : nothing better than a good burger for the aftermath of evening served by a local food truck! It was fine, we ate on the ground on blankets. A quiet moment that also allowed us to find our little Emma. Some were playing at the Mölkky, others were lounging on a deckchair, still happiness! We had prepared Hangover kits and we think they served well! “

“Then we ended our wedding weekend as we started: with a small group of close friends, we left the wedding venue in the late afternoon to spend the night to Beaune and on Monday. Did all together a few cellars before going back home … Beautiful way to end a wonderful weekend: to be with people we love.Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to our friends and families to have been present at our side. “

A particular memory

“For My: The whole weekend gave a lot of memories and good times, so difficult to give one but I will remember two things for a long time : My emotion when I see Bastien waiting for me at the end of the aisle in this church, she was stronger than I expected, I’m not a Christian and I agreed to get married in church for Bastien because it was important to him, but I would not could not do it if we had not had a priest like Amédée, who gave the catechism lessons to Bastien.This was a nice meeting for me.The preparation of our wedding was based on open discussions and I appreciated to spend those moments.

Our dance to open the ball on a piece played on the piano by David: a moment just for us.

For Bastien … “It’s hard to get out of this weekend out of time, even if it’s still a little cliche, My entry into the church with his father’s arms will remain the highlight in terms of emotions. The other period that marked me is the photo shoot with all our relatives, family and intimacy My and me. “

a tip for the other couples

“For the religious ceremony, it was planned that our priest would play songs and he told us that he took care of everything and we were happy to take it off our” to do list “. discovered that he thought we were taking them! So no music! No matter, our witness who had prepared some piano pieces for us improvised and played some songs and the priest sang! If you’re getting married in a crystal tent in September, think about the late-night weather: it can get cold, so plan for sufficient heating and some blankets! “


Dress : Laure de Sagazan chez Ayo Mariage (Genève) | Shoes : Rachel Simpson chez Ayo Mariage | muah : Poudre de Fée and Souffle d’Hair | Suit: Sandro | Accessories : Bow tie and braces : Le Colonel Moutarde | Shoes : Bobbies | Photographer : Coralie Lescieux | Flowers : Lilas Wood | Venue : Demeure privée en Bourgogne | Caterer : Kook’in by La Charme | Wedding planner : Kristell A Very Special Day | DJ:  L’atelier des Emotions| Decoration : A Very Special Day | Announcements : home made / Stationnery : save the date and Beaver Wood | Wedding cake : Cakes in the city

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