Fluid cuts and pretty lace, let’s discover today the images of the latest wedding dress collection of the brand Lorafolk, which reveals delicate and bohemian creations, to delight brides searching the simplicity of the detail for the dress of their dreams. Serrated necklaces, flounces of silk and pretty embroidery, we love the simple bohemian style of the new creations of Lorafolk. It introduces dresses that breathe the freshness of a candid and free bride, under a summer sun. And this jumpsuit ! A delicate and elegant personal crush, which is the

The purchase of the wedding dress often represents a big budget when planning one’s wedding. If some sentimental brides-to-be will keep their wedding dress all their life, others brides don’t care about keeping that dress in a closet and would be happy to rent it to not have to spend too much for that. Same dilemma for the guests, who often buy a very nice outfit for the D-day that it will be impossible for them to wear again because it is too much dressy (it is difficult to wear

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