Hairstyle inspirations for your wedding

Because we often talk about the choice of her wedding dress, we often forget to talk hairdressing when preparing her wedding. However, the hairstyle and beauty in general is a detail not to be neglected. If your dress has to match you and can also match the mood you want to give your wedding, the hairstyle must also. Bun, loose hair, braid, crown of flowers or head jewelry, if you get married this summer, and you do not know what hairstyle to adopt for this big day, here are some inspirations that may give you ideas. ..

Bride with flowery hair

The flowers in the hair, we say yes and we love it! In a crown or sprinkled in a bun or braid, Stabilized, fresh, and even jewelry, flowers slip into all types of hairstyle! On short hair, loose or tied hair, straight hair or afros cuts, the flowers are suitable for bohemian brides, more sophisticated ones, or country-style ones. Blow of heart for the small flowers dotted with lightness in a natural hair, so delicate!

Pearls, the new hairstyle trend

You may have noticed, on dresses, veils and bridal capes, pearls have the coast this season, and bridal hairstyles do not break the rule! A new trend of which we are absolutely fan, and can adapt to all styles! Discreet brides will dare to put the pearl in a wise bun, the bohemian ones will mingle it with a dozen light flowers in a braid, and brides more intrepid and fashion will bet on the very large pearls accumulating in their hair. Pins, bars or combs and crowns, pearls lend themselves to all trends and all brides!

Stay as natural as possible

And finally, why add more? While some brides bet on various head jewelry and flower crowns, some prefer to bet on simplicity by playing with their natural hair. Ponytail, braids, or just loose hair, you do not have to adorn your hair in any way. Play with your hair, with the textures and their volume, you will not be less elegant and resplendent! If this way, you feel more comfortable and more, do not hesitate!

And for short hair?

Ah, the question that comes up almost systematically when a bride starts to think about her bridal hairstyle: should I grow hair? Well no ladies, long hair for her wedding, it is not mandatory! We often fantasize about thick buns and wild and bohemian manes, but wearing short hair or for her wedding is just as nice and modern! Sublimated by flowers, glittering jewelry or more minimalist, or even without anything, the short haircut on a bride, we love, as well as the longer hair! Remember, the important thing about D-Day is to be you, and if you are, it means to wear short hair, do not force yourself to let them grow to do like the others!

And if after all that you are still lacking inspiration for your bridal hairstyle, do not hesitate to go for a ride on the Pinterest account of La mariée aux pieds nus, where we list pretty hairstyles ideas, for your marriage !

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