Be in Bloom – Paper bridal accessories by By Romance et Marjorie Colas

Be in Bloom - Accessoires de mariée en papier par By Romance et Marjorie Colas - Photos : Yann Audic Lifestories Wedding - Blog : La mariée aux pieds nus

The paper celebrates Love. The amorous beginnings, the ardent correspondences and the secret banknotes lie down for centuries on the grained paper.

To celebrate love in 2019, By Romance releases his pen to seal his new collaboration with the talented set / designer Marjorie Colas who sculpts the paper like lace. The two brands then conjure up a collection of five incredible and delicate pieces: the “Flower Power” bracelet / brooch, the “Arty Flower” earring, the “Wild Flower” brooch, the “Blossom” diadem, and the sublime Bloom crown. Spectacular and unique accessories, created in water-resistant, non-tearable paper.

Since its beginnings, By Romance, the first brand of ready-to-wear wedding, sets the tone and breaks the codes … What is more obvious than to make its dressing room bloom through the chimerical creations of “Be in Bloom“. By Romance thus infuses the artist with a contemporary line of paper jewelery;Marjorie Colas then imagines for By Romance floral pieces, unique, light, subtle, entirely made by hand.

This new showcase of the bride, poetic and radiant, illuminates with style the minimalist and sleek dresses of the Ready-to-Wear brand, By Romance! This modern approach to floral art sticks to the skin of the brides-to-be and plays the card of a new generation of sustainable jewelry!

And to celebrate the launch of this beautiful collection, go to the Instagram account of La mariée aux pieds nus to try to win your favorite piece!

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