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We introduced you Blanc Crème, the new showroom of wedding dresses in Marseille a few weeks ago on the occasion of the publication of this editorial at Roches Rouges.

Anne, who is at the origin of Blanc Crème, tells us more about the desires that motivated her project. “The bride “Blanc crème” loves fashion! She is solar, natural, elegant and modern with a real effortlessly chic. To be modern is also not to overdo it, to follow one’s instinct and desires for a day that one has certainly imagined a thousand times. “

“What counts is the feeling when the future bride is going to put on her dress, the look she’s going to give her and what she’s going to tell, the memory she’ll leave for a lifetime!”

Blanc Crème has selected for you the wedding dresses of Donatellle Godart, Céline De Monicault, A la Robe and Lola Varma (Pop Up Store from November 22nd to 25th). And I will be present at the LOVE POP UP on Saturday, October 20, do not hesitate to come!

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