Céline Ménard – Wedding dresses – 2019 collection

Céline Menard - Robes de mariée - La mariée aux pieds nus

After a 2018 collection that had already made us travel, the designer Céline Ménard leaves for new adventures around the globe and reveals the images of her new collection of wedding dresses, photographed in Fès, Morocco by Céline Deligey … Alliance of French elegance and oriental charm, a collection full of freedom and that give us the smile…

“It’s with Sarah that we discovered this common desire to go shoot in Morocco! And this is without no difficulty that we brought Céline in this project which seemed a little crazy 6 months ago, but which was slowly taking shape in the most total excitement! “

This collection, this is the one of the light and little impertinent femininity, the bride makes sure of her and is full of conviction, she is contemporary and assumes what she is. Behind pretty details of romantic lace, it is a well an asserted character that endorse Céline Ménard bride in 2019.

Fluid cuts, lace that sublimates the necklines of creations soft but with a resolute character, a Parisian elegance that contrasts with this beautiful Moroccan decor that brings this little je-ne-sais-quoi to these pretty dresses.

As a nod to today’s young women, those who are free and brilliant, the dresses of this new collection unveil the curves of future brides with elegance, simplicity but offhandedness. Proof is, this beautiful body that we love, sexy but which does not show too much, to mix with a nice skirt of the collection, which expresses the duality of women today: delicate but assertive …


Dresses : Céline Ménard | Photographer : Céline Deligey | MUAH : Sarah Fékir | Model : Marion Seclin – a.k.a. Ellemady | Venues : Rues de la ville de Fès, Maroc, Riad les Oudayas |

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