COUSU : embroidered handkerchief for happy days

Which bride, mom, best friend or older sister has never needed to wipe tears of joy during a wedding? Crying, yes, but with style, and surely not in drying your tears with simple and basic paper tissues! It is from this observation that COUSU was born, founded by Chloé, a french wedding photographer, who had the great idea to create embroidered handkerchief made with organic cotton to dry the tears of love during the D-days of beautiful lovers …

By dint of seeing the tears flow at weddings, Chloé had the idea to create embroidered handkerchief with pretty cheerful messages, to offer to yout bridesmaids, your lover or simply to yourself, which is moreover made in France (with love), in an organic cotton respectful of men and the environment.

On La mariée aux pieds nus, we love the idea of ​​these sweet handkerchief, daring and intrepid, that nonchalantly bring a touch of madness to your beautiful day!

So if you want to please yourself or to please those around you, go to the brand website to dry your tears of joy in beautiful words. You even can customize your handkerchief by choosing the color of your thread, or the message to be embroidered …


Photographer : Chloé Lapeysonnie | Stylism : Nessa Buonomo | Embroided handkerchief : COUSU

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