Elise Hameau – Wedding dresses – 2019 collection

Elise Hameau - Robes de mariée - Collection 2019 - La mariée aux pieds nus

To all the rock bride-to-be, discover today the new collection of wedding dresses from the designer Elise Hameau. Sewing spirit, material games and mix of style, this year, the brand bet on the independent, loving, decadent and romantic woman, during a crazy parisian epic…

This year, the brand offers no less than 15 looks designed for the D-day, but also those after. Dresses, tops and skirts, over-dresses but also T-shirt and a bomber, there is the panoply of a completely impertinent, intrepid and urban bride inspired by the 70’s.

Georgette silk flocked and embroidered especially for the brand, silk crepe, tulle embroidered with gold, the materials are noble and incorporate a touch of romantic madness to models with simple cuts sublimating the bride.

The 2019 collection is also an opportunity for future brides to create a look that reflects their image, combining the pieces together according to their tastes and personality. Over-dresses and other transparent organza skirts add a couture spirit to the dresses of this new collection, enough to change your look during your D-Day.

A little crush on ready-to-wear pieces, like the pretty message T-shirt to wear after your D-Day, or the resolutely 70’s bomber; which, worn nonchalantly on the shoulders bring this je-ne-sais-quoi of modern nostalgia and offbeat to the look of brides.

And for all future Lyonnaise brides, discover from October 2018 the creations of Elise Hameau at the Daylove wedding dress showroom. Dresses, but also ready-to-wear, collaborations, civil wedding dresses and guest capsules, an exclusive selection in Lyon.


Dresses : Elise Hameau | Photographer : Maud Chalard | Video : Théo Gosselin, Maud Chalard and Léo Schrepel | MUAH : Elodie Guesnet | Models : Raquel San Nicolas et Juan Mila

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