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Discovery this morning of the new collection of groom suit Faubourg Saint Sulpice, Bom Dia Bahia, inspired by women and photographed by Yann Audic in Brazil.

The Faubourg Saint Sulpice team tells us more about their desires and their way of accompanying their newlyweds… “We have been accompanying our customers off the beaten track of the style for the past 10 years. It is around an extraordinary trip in the heart of Brazil that we reaffirm our identity : tailor-made wedding suits with singular and unique materials, inspired by the women who carry us on a daily basis. “

“This year we pay homage to them around the creations that will bear their name: Lou, Ninon, Anaïs, Adèle … This singular collection is an ode to all the women who have accompanied us and supported us for 10 years: our grandmothers, our mothers, our women, our friends, our girls …

Each of these silhouettes reaffirms our singularity through subtle and unique materials against the Original. Exit the colors too “flashy”, the contrasts too strong. This year the choice is precision, delicacy, subtlety and nonchalance. “

“This nonchalant elegance is marked by subtle and bold sportswear details, because it is not the suit that becomes sport but the sport that becomes the suit : elastic belts, straps along the leg, stripes of color, edges. ribs and drawstrings have slipped into the creations of the pieces of our brand new collection: Bom Dia Bahia! “

“The colorful facades stretching out to the sea, the warm south wind, a barefooted football game that stretches until the last hours of the day, the music that rises from the alleys of Pelourinho, the smiles by tens, by the hundreds, a stroll in the shade of the palm trees, an air of bossa nova from the sky, some caipirinhas bought in a small night market, a nap in the shade of a century-old mango tree, the infinite sea, a full night A paradise is here, Bom dia Bahia! “

To see in her eyes the pride, to make appear on her face a smile, to reassure her, to make her laugh, to have her hand in mine, to see her moved to tears, to feel her little head in my neck, to watch her sleep, to console her, to hold her against me, I would go every day to pick up the moon. For them, I try to become a good person. For all those who inspire us, for all those who give us courage, for all those we admire, for all those we have loved and all those we love. Our grandmothers, our mothers, our wives, our friends, our daughters. This trip is theirs, this trip is ours: Blanche, Ninon, Chloe, Josephine, Lou, Salome … To all of you, thank you. “

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