Kamelion – Wedding dresses – 2019 collection

Kamelion - Robes de mariée - Collection 2019 - La mariée aux pieds nus

Today on La mariée aux pieds nus, Kamelion wedding dresses designer is sharing with us the pictures of her 2019 collection of wedding dresses, a mix of romance, gentleness and femininity for brides who want to be beautiful in their natural beauty. day…

“The creations created for my clients are a mix of their ideas and my ideas.This collection 2019 was an opportunity to have fun creating 100% dresses in my image 6 dresses that I could have worn at my own wedding . “

Clean lines and fluidity at the rendezvous with these pretty models of dresses, for all the brides who do not want to do too much, and who privilege at the same time comfort and elegance. The curves of the brides are enhanced by the use of pretty fabrics such as silk, but also by delicate lace details, which come to reveal the curves of brides with romance.


Photographer : Jérôme Tarakci  | Design : Ô Bonheur Des Dames  | Model : Bonnie | Accessoiries : Myo

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