L’amoureuse by Ingrid Fey – Wedding dresses – 2019 collection

L'amoureuse by Ingrid Fey - Photos : Audrey Rutz - Blog mariage : La mariée aux pieds nus

For her 2019 wedding dress collection, L’Amoureuse by Ingrid Fey wanted to talk to all lovers. Dreamy, courageous, independent, shy or extroverted, L’Amoureuse lives with her time, loves life and the famous. Training knit designer, Ingrid Fey wanted to highlight this exceptional expertise and show that the mesh could be worn by all, even for the day J.

Welcome to Amourwood invites you to follow the adventures of seven Lovers in the South of France, a place dear to the heart of Ingrid Fey since she grew up there. Knit stitches, Calais lace, jersey, mesh tulle blend to create an ultra-feminine and sophisticated collection. Rita, Audrey or Marilyn, the creations of L’Amoureuse by Ingrid Fey bear the names of these women who marked the golden age of cinema.


Dresses : Ingrid Fey | Shoes : Chamberlan | Cake designer : Amandine mais pas tarte | Decoration rental : Le bazar de rêve by Véronique | Sandal : Escadrille Paris | Pins : Atelier Mouette | Make-up and Hair artist : Angelina Bergese et Louise | Video : Pierre et Julie | Photographer : Audrey Rutz | Venue : Chateau de la Tour Vaucros |

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