L’Eto Bridal – Wedding dresses – 2019 Collection

L'eto Bridal - Robes de mariée - La mariée aux pieds nus

We are happy to share with you today the pictures of  the new collection from the Australian brand L’eto Bridal. A solar and sensual wedding dresses collection, that, event if they’re not available at the moment in France, might be found on the L’Eto eshop .

L’eto bridal continues the story of an escapist this season in Palm Springs, the heady Sonoran Desert town. As sun-baked colours of Salvation mountain and the dramatic mountain range make a wonderfully nostalgic backdrop of the mid-century heyday of the place, Anya Ostapenko delivers a collection of bridal separates with offerings of sensual fitted gowns and an ethereal sheer cape interspersed between. Masterfully executed motifs of metallic leaves follow through from her first Seascape collection and pleats in dramatic silhouettes are introduced this time around.

Strips and gentle panels of silk satin are a breezy reminder of a youthful desire to tap into the ghostly but glamorous memories of the retreat town in its star-studded peak. The urge to reach out and immerse oneself into the experience of a world lived offscreen is strong.

Unfussy and elegant, these gowns are an effortless way to showcase the L’eto bride as a woman of her own standing. The subtle fluidity of the pieces is exhibited in soft volumes of sleeves, flowing skirts, and trailing sashes.
Blouses are cropped at midriff and offer a refreshing take on the pastoral combination of high collars and long skirts that caress exposed skin with a barely-there touch. Each duo is birthed into a sophisticated and quietly cool bridal outfit that seamlessly integrates into each bride’s existing lifestyle. Post-ceremony blues don’t exist on this season’s pieces only because there’s the possibility of wearing it again and again, in any way they like.

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