Mademoiselle de Guise – Wedding dresses – 2019 collection

Mademoiselle de Guise - Robes de mariée - Collection 2019 - Photos : Chloé Lapeyssonnie - Blog mariage : La mariée aux pieds nus

The brand Mademoiselle de Guise takes us for a new and unusual stroll in Paris and lets us discover the images of its 2019 collection of wedding dresses.

The bride of Mademoiselle de Guise is always more assertive, provocative, but is still chic with a refined look, couture and frank cut that give so much character to each dress and those who wear them. We love the arrival of a top with a deep, sensual and impertinent cleavage. This year, she dares the pants, for a city look, and the total look striped for an original and remarkable silhouette.

Chloé Jaouen, the designer, evokes this new collection … “This 2019 collection mixes materials such as polka dot silk muslin and striped or “art nouveau ” laces, always very graphic, with also a superb crepe, the favorite material of the brand that we can find on each of its pieces.

And as always, a lot of sensuality and femininity, with vertiginous necklines, slit skirts and games of transparency. “


Photographer : Chloé Lapeyssonnie | Video : Marine Le Berre | MUAH : Amandine Fournier | Bracelet and earrings : Maison Sabben | Rings : Guérin | Woman Model : Angele Lucchini| Man Model : Vincent Pacquot

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