Mathilde Marie x Cinemailles – Collection of accessories and wool sweaters for brides

Mathilde Marie x Cinemailles - Collection de pulls et accessoires en laine pour la mariée - Photos : Pierre Atelier - Blog mariage : La mariée aux pieds nus

The Maisons Mathilde MarieCinemailles team up this year to offer brides a collection of sweaters and knit accessories designed to complete the cloakroom of winter brides (and for all those who fear the freshness of a summer evening).

This collection responds to the desire of a contemporary, supple and soft knit expressed by the brides of Mathilde. A clothe at the height of an exceptional day, which will become the warm and comfortable accessory of the other days of life. With the choice of two jackets, three sweaters and a cape, each dress will find its partner.

The models are designed and made to order in Paris, from high quality French and European yarns: mohair, silk, angora and merino, materials unanimously acclaimed for their warmth. A pure and elegant style, new and poetic motifs, knitting techniques bringing their softness, neat finishes … All details have been thought to whisper to the skin an oath of love.

Regarding price, count between 180 and 550 €, to discover and try it at Mathilde Marie’s showroom, by appointment at 20, rue Primo Levi – 75013 Paris


Mathilde Marie x Cinemailles | Photo : Pierre Atelier | MUAH : Maud Eigenheer | Model : Yasmine Ravel | Jewels : La Chambre Blanche |

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