Shopping selection: 30 long-sleeved guest dresses for a winter wedding

Because weddings are not just for the summer, some of your loved ones may have decided to get married in winter, and we love that. But for many guests, getting dressed for a wedding that does not take place on sunny days can be a real headache. However, it is just as easy to find a beautiful festive and elegant dress in winter as to find one in summer!

Obviously, we quickly forget the little dresses brettelles, bustier or short sleeve, but we can quite be chic in long sleeves. It is also the opportunity to wear a more festive dress, with rhinestones and sequins, without being afraid to look like a Christmas tree in the middle of July. So today, we guide you in the search for the perfect outfit for a winter wedding.

Short dresses
Midi and long dresses

And above all, we do not hesitate to wear black! If you bet on a very elegant cut and fancy accessories, black can be a very nice solution to be chic for the best day of a loved one. But we do not ever veto a very colorful dress, a wedding, it’s a happy opportunity to have fun on the colors! Of course, we do not forget to invest in a nice coat and tights to stay warm and that’s it. Finally, who said it was difficult to get dressed for a winter wedding?

If however you had not found your happiness in this beautiful selection, do not hesitate to go for a walk on the side of the LMAPN shop, you will find lots of pretty accessories and perfect outfits for the bridesmaids and guests.

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