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Selection shopping : tenues pour invités aux mariages de cet été

If during the organization of a wedding, we often more focus on the bridesmaids (and female guests in general) dresses, we sometimes forget men! So today on La mariée aux pieds nus, we are giving pride of place to the boys, offering these gentlemen a shopping selection to give them ideas if they have not found the outfit they will wear on the D-day yet.

For a blue wedding
Gentlemen, do you have to follow the dress code of the wedding?

Women are not the only ones who must adhere to the dress code of the wedding. If the bride and the groom have indicated a color or a style to respect on their invitations, try to make them happy and respect the dress code. But as a man, it is sometimes hard to get out of the suit if you are invited to a wedding, and you can get uncomfortable with the idea of ​​wearing a total colorful look. In that case, and if you are afraid to make a mistake concerning the color combination, count on colored accessories to respect the dress code: bowtie, tie, wallet, or even socks!

For a wedding in pink
For wedding in nude
To attend to a wedding with a casual look

All men are not fan of suits, because they are not used to wear it, or simply because they do not like it and do not feel comfortable into. But to be chic at a wedding, nothing forces you to wear a suit, you can opt for chic clothes in casual materials, like a linen suit, associated with a basic shirt and a nice bow tie for exemple. The goal is that you feel comfortable, so do not lock yourself in a suit that does not fit you and compose an elegant outfit in which you feel good, corresponding of course of the atmosphere of wedding you go to.

For a green wedding
For a grey wedding

And for more shopping ideas, do not hesitate to check out our wedding selection on the blog store !

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