Sixtine : a brand new wedding dresses showroom in Nice

Sixtine - Showroom de robes de mariée à Nice - Blog mariage : La mariée aux pieds nus

What a pleasure to share with you the news of the opening of the beautiful Sixtine wedding dress showroom in Nice! An adventure led enthusiastically by Ingrid Lepan and Lisa Broncristiano, with the desire to offer brides to be, a selection of modern and luxurious dresses, sometimes distributed exclusively and for the first time in France, as the Lena Medoyeff dresses that we love it here at La mariée aux pieds nus!

The Sixtine bride is feminine. She likes chic and timeless things, clean lines and delicate curves, the sobriety of a silk crepe throw but also the quality of a lace embroidered with pearls and sequins, the finesse and softness of a back. nude on a wedding dress with perfect cuts.

Sixtine offers a selection of designers of trendy dresses, both international and French. Brides-to-be will be able to discover the creations of Bo & Luca, an Australian brand with slightly bohemian lines, the Spanish brand Otaduy with its feminine and beautifully detailed dresses as well as Lena Medoyeff, an American brand sold for the first time in France. the clean and resolutely contemporary cuts that we love!

The French designers aren’t forgotten, since the selection of Sixtine also includes Isabella Boutin’s delicate dresses, Camille Marguet’s contemporary creations and the romantic details of Aurélia Hoang’s wedding dresses.

Sixtine wedding dresses showroom also offers a sharp selection of bridal accessories: bridal veil, earrings, head jewelry, including a selection of Maison Sabben accessories.

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