Victoire Vermeulen – Wedding dresses – 2019

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The grace and lightness of a ballet dancer, an elegant sense of couture the dress designer Victoire Vermeulen is sharing today the pictures of her new wedding dress collection. Refined creations that revisit the classic codes of ballet, for a modern and elegant bride.

This season, Victoire Vermeulen‘s bride is a bit bold and impertinent, minimalist cuts and structured mix with more vaporous and aerial silhouettes. In short, the bride surprises by its independence, its charisma and its pace expertly studied without seeming.

For a few years now, Victoire Vermeulen has raised a precious challenge, that of elaborating the entirety of its tailor-made creations, in its workshop in Lille, by highlighting traditional and French craftsmanship.

Chantilly, linen, Silk, crêpe, mikado are harmoniously mixed and tamed in a whirlwind of fabrics. The lightness of a tulle petticoat perfectly complete the classicism of a silk blouse, in order to create a clean and unique line to an elegant bride.

This new collection is accompanied by a line of accessories that combines boater, sails lined with subtle Calais lace and delicate flower crowns, as a mix of style designed to create an unexpected osmosis between the dress and the accessories that come sublimate brides .


Photographer : Felicia Sisco | Model : Deborah Ghys | MUA : Giulia Cohen | Venue : Elephant Paname  | Accessoiries : Les Cerises de Mars

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