Shopping : what to wear for a blue themed wedding ?

Une sélection shopping de tenues d'invitées pour un mariage en bleu - La mariée aux pieds nus
Something old, something borrowed, something new and something blue. And yes, blue is traditionally the color of the bride and groom, and it is precisely this color that your friends have decided to honor at their wedding this summer. Besides decorating, they would very much like you to stick to a dress code, and find an outfit that matches their wedding. So if you are not very inspired, we have concocted a small fashion selection in blue to attend all the beautiful weddings of your loved ones this summer.
lovely dresses
elegant jumpsuit

For an outfit that is makes sensation without being a dress, why not bet on the jumpsuit ? She is the fashion asset of all those who do not feel comfortable in dress, and is equally elegant. Perfect for spring weddings, such as winter or summer when paired with seasonal accessories!

blue bridesmaids

The bridesmaids must respect the dress code that the bride and groom told them, especially since they are not just guests. They will be part of the main actresses of the wedding, will be on the pictures and guarantors of the theme of this great day. But if you ask your bridesmaids and witnesses to wear a particular color, do not force them to wear the same dress if they do not feel like it. Let them rather choose their outfit, you will get a result while monochrome color really elegant!

And if you are bridesmaid this year or in the coming months, do not hesitate to bet on a pretty dress that you would not necessarily have worn as a guest. Do yourself a favor, to honor the bride and her beautiful dress. But be careful, always respect the theme or atmosphere of the wedding of your friends, if there is one!

And for all those who have not yet found the perfect outfit to attend a wedding this summer, find all our favorite fashion and accessories on the blog store, with over a hundred outfits classified by color. What give you lots of ideas!

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