A boho wedding in L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue in Provence

Some boho accents, some touches of red, an incredible wedding cake made of meringues and a dinner under a pretty tent, Marie-Julie and Olivier are sharing with us their lovely wedding at the Domaine de Palermo in Isle-sur-la-Sorgue photographed by Lorenzo Accardi.

“We met about ten years ago on the benches of the university in Aix-en-Provence, we spent several years as friends before being with each other as a couple. .. And we did not choose the ease because our story began at the time when Olivier was moving to Paris to pursue his studies while I pursued mine in Marseille … We had no certainty about the fact that we could live a long love story with so many miless between us … After 5 years of long distance relationship I came back  to join him in Paris in November 2014 and since then we have not left each other. “

“After all these years we had no doubt that our couple was strong and we were ready to take the leap of marriage. Olivier made me his request last summer during our vacation in the Azores, just a few hours before our return to France. This was the highlight of a fabulous romantic getaway!

Being both from the South of France, we naturally wanted to marry in Provence near our families. However, we decided to organize our civil wedding a few weeks before Paris because it was important for us to unite in the Canal Saint Martin area where we decided together to settle.

We embarked on preparations for our wedding in October. We were very motivated by the idea of bringing this beautiful project together, so we chose to take charge ourselves of the organization, without the services of a weeding planning agency.”

“It has not always been easy to concile our professional obligations with the organization of these two events. Fortunately our parents have supported us a lot and have always been there to help us a lot.

We first went in search of the venue. We quickly fell in love with a beautiful property in the Vaucluse with beautiful exteriors, which we immediately wanted to book. Fate: in January the estate manager announced that he canceled all the weddings of the season, with no fallback solution ! A moment of complete panic 5 months prior the wedding ! We thought we could not get married this year and we thought we had to contact the vendors and our guests again to cancel everything.”

“We must believe that we have a good star since we found the Domaine de Palerme in Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, which luckily was available the weekend of June 9 and was located a few kilometers from the place initially chosen, which allowed us to continue preparations for our big day without having to upset everything.

With hindsight we say that this blow of the lot was a real boon for us! This allowed us to discover an unsuspected area with exceptional charm: we were conquered by this immense Provencal country house – big enough to welcome our loved ones for a long weekend of 3 days -, the ivy climbing on its facade, its beautiful shady park, its old well …”

“We started from a list of caterers imposed by the place of reception that we had initially reserved new casinos australia 2020. Among them was the company Roland Paix, based in Var. After a first presentation appointment, we decided to trust them, reassured by their seriousness, their many years of experience, and by all the good echoes that have reached us about them.
We were not disappointed. The whole team was very professional, we only had positive feedback from our guests. We recommend them with your eyes closed ! We made a small infidelity to the caterer by entrusting the creation of the wedding cake at the house Jouvaud (an institution in Carpentras, the city where Olivier comes from): they realized for us a great piece mounted in meringues (otherwise called “rocailles”) as beautiful to watch as delicious to taste!”

“The photographer was for us a key position because it was imperative for us to be able to keep a beautiful memory of our wedding, once the magic of the D-day disappeared. During our research we privileged the photographers based in Vaucluse. It was a bit by chance that we came across Lorenzo’s website. We were both thrilled by his incredible photo reports, the light, the framing, the spontaneity of the expressions … We did not hesitate one minute to contact him! Lorenzo was great: he managed to capture all the highlights of our day, demonstrating incredible discretion. Thanks to his kindness and good humor, he managed to put us at ease for our couple photo sessions. He gave us beautiful pictures, that still today we do not tire of watching!”

about the decoration

“Olivier left me carte blanche for the decoration because he knew it was my favorite part in the organization of the wedding. I wanted something simple – but especially not classic – with some touches of bohemian. The exteriors of the Domaine de Palerme and the nomad tent already participating a lot of the scenography, I remained deliberately sober concentrating the efforts of decoration on the flowers.

Charlotte has perfectly met my expectations by making beautiful bouquets unstructured and wild, with pampas flowers, proteas, dahlias … The powdery and purple tones of my bridal bouquet were declined in very pretty garlands came to ornament the ironwork of the well and the table plan.”

“Throughout the year, I have been working on small vintage decorative objects, including vases and bottles of all kinds for decorating centerpieces. For large pieces such as Emmanuelle armchairs, velvet seats or the old typewriter of the time, I appealed to Véronique, a deco enthusiast who opened the doors of her fantastic Ali baba cave. !

The icing on the cake we rented an adorable little Autobianchi convertible that made a real tobacco in the streets of Isle-sur-la-Sorgue and with our guests!”

Your best memory ?

“Difficult to choose as they are many! We keep an emotional memory of our blessing, full of love and benevolence, and more particularly of the ritual of the bouquet to the Virgin where the Deacon whispered in our ear a little prayer, touching simplicity. I was moved to tears.

The few minutes before our arrival at the Church were also a highlight of this day. We felt the adrenaline rush, nothing seemed to worry us while we were terribly late and everyone was waiting for us to start the ceremony. Aboard our adorable little convertible we drove without a belt, hair in the wind, laughing with Lorenzo installed somehow on the micro back seat! We were so excited and impatient that when we arrived we forgot wedding rings in the car! Fortunately one of Olivier’s witnesses flew to our rescue and went to pick them up during the ceremony.

I was also touched by the speech of my Dad and my adorable girlfriends! The witnesses and friends of childhood of Olivier also reserved for him a wonderful surprise which made us all laugh out loud!

More broadly, we went through the 10 months that separated our engagement from our big day as an incredible parenthesis, we did not expect to receive so much evidence of affection from our family and friends.”

“The organization of our big day brought us closer together. In addition to the hours devoted to proof reading (!!) we also spent a lot of time together in the spiritual preparation of our wedding. I also particularly appreciated the involvement of Olivier during our dance classes. He knew that it was important to me to dance with him, and he redoubled his efforts to train and be on top for our opening of the ball. I know he bluffed more than one on our wedding day, me first!

Our wedding was also a great excuse to spend time with our parents and relatives, on the occasion of our civil wedding first, but also during the preparation phase as the appointment tasting at the caterer , the visit of the places of reception, the setting up of the decoration, the making of the small sachets of confetti for the exit of the church, the making of small gifts to the guests …

Finally, this wedding was the opportunity for us to make very beautiful meetings: Eleonore, who has fingers of fairy and who accompanied me in all stages of creation and making my dress; Lorenzo, who gave us wonderful memories and touched us a lot with his sensitivity and sense of humor; Elias, the Deacon who married us, who showed infinite kindness to us; Eric, the owner of the Domaine de Palerme, has shown unbounded availability and a sense of incredible hospitality.”

Any advice to share

“Try to rest the days before the wedding; learning to delegate: we were surprised to see how much our friends and loved ones were happy to help us organize our wedding; relativize and focus on the positive, even if the day all does not unfold exactly as we had imagined.”


Wedding dress : Éléonore PAUC | Flower crown : Atelier Prairie | Shoes : Sézane | Make up : Charlotte Arquier | Suit : Faubourg Saint Sulpice | Bows : Le Colonel Moutarde | Shoes : Bexley | Engagement ring and wedding bands : Pérouse Paris | Photographer : Lorenzo Accardi | Flowers : Charlotte Flower & Twig | Venue : Le Domaine de Palerme | Caterer : Roland Paix | DJ : Anthony Khalifa | Stationary : L’Atelier Letterpress | Guest book stickers, wedding signage : La Pirate | Photobooth decor : Save the Deco | Wedding cake : Maison Jouvaud | Rentals : Le Bazar de rêve by Véronique | Car : ClassicAutoLoc

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