For more than seven years, Isaac has shared Emma’s life, and it is naturally on their birthday that these two lovers have decided to celebrate their love with simplicity in front of their loved ones, not far from Auckland in New Zealand, under the watchful eye of Danelle Bohane … “Isaac took me for a walk and picnic at Ti Point, not far from Point Wells, it is one of my favourite walks in the world. He had custom designed the most beautiful ring, it was 18ct gold with a ruby,

They met at the hospital during their studies, and knew at first sight that they were made for each other. After a wedding in small committee 10 years ago and three children, these two lovers decided to take advantage of their nuptials to renew their vows, surrounded by their friends and family, in Morocco, in front of the lens of the duo of Pinewood Weddings… “We get married in 2008. At the time, we did not want a traditional wedding: we were still students, a big classical wedding did not fit

A little bit of freshness today on La mariée aux pieds nus, with the splendid wedding in the Austrian mountains of Bénédicte and Patrick. Beautiful landscapes, and a love all in white immortalized by the duo The Quirky … “We met 10 years ago during a university exchange in Canada where we also met some of our witnesses – an unforgettable trip! Since that year, we have not left each other despite the distance once back in Europe, the movings, we have always managed to continue together until settling together

After a meeting on the Internet 7 years ago and many trips between France and Hungary, it is in Budapest, in the city where they met for the first time, that Guillaume and Marianna decided to share a moment to two in front of the lens of Laëticia aka Les Histoires d’A., in a place that is particularly close to their heart … Marianna tells us a bit more about their meeting … “Our story is a modern fairy tale that nobody believed, simply because we met on the Internet seven

Anežka and Magnus have decided to say yes to each other in the most original ways by getting married in the heart of a disused railway station in Prague, Czech Republic. When rusty metals, wilderness and old wooden planks mingle with the finesse of the lace under a gorgeous late afternoon light , we necessarily get a beautiful result, tinted with simplicity and elegance, worked without being too much … And because a picture is worth a thousand words, I let you discover the images of this beautiful wedding captured

After a marriage proposal under the rain of London, it is under the sun of Italy that Elise and Romain decided to say yes to each other, supported by all their loved ones … Today, they share with us their beautiful day, immortalized by photographer Laurent Brouzet. “We met by mutual friends during our studies, and after 8 years together, getting married seemed natural, not only for the formalization but also for the pleasure and the desire to reunite our family and closest friends. Romain made his request while we

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