When planning your wedding ceremony, and especially when it is a secular ceremony, the exchange of vows is often the high point of this moment. To help you see more clearly, we have gathered some tips for you to write the vows of your wedding ceremony. What is a secular ceremony? A secular ceremony, sometimes called a commitment ceremony, is a ritual ceremony that celebrates a wedding outside the religious setting. Entirely designed around the couple, the idea is to make it as personal as possible, through texts, interventions and

If you discover the blog La mariée aux pieds nus, it is certainly because you have just said yes to your dear and you are going to get married in the coming months: congrats! But after the tears of joy and the announcement to your relatives, euphoria move on to the stress of the organization of your D-Day. Do not panic, La mariée aux pieds nus is here to guide you in your preparations! Today, we offer to you all our advice to plan a wedding that looks like to

Your D-Day is coming and you do not know what to put on your wedding list? If you want to avoid unpleasant surprises, it is better to prepare it carefully! Decoration, furniture, dishes, jewels, linens, or even activities for two, you can offer your loved ones to give you something that will be useful in your life as a newlywed, or simply something that will make you happy. When do you open your wedding list ? Count about 4 months before the D-Day to open your wedding list, after sending

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