For more than seven years, Isaac has shared Emma’s life, and it is naturally on their birthday that these two lovers have decided to celebrate their love with simplicity in front of their loved ones, not far from Auckland in New Zealand, under the watchful eye of Danelle Bohane … “Isaac took me for a walk and picnic at Ti Point, not far from Point Wells, it is one of my favourite walks in the world. He had custom designed the most beautiful ring, it was 18ct gold with a ruby,

Your best friend is finally engaged and you’re the first to know de good news: congratulations! Not think twice, she asks to you to be her witness, you are then the main organizer of her bachelorette party. If this event was pretext to embarrass the future bride with various pledges and absurd costumes a few years ago, today it is looks like more elegant and delicate, and it is above all the occasion to spend a friendly moment between girls. So if you need some inspiration to plan the perfect

After a marriage proposal under the rain of London, it is under the sun of Italy that Elise and Romain decided to say yes to each other, supported by all their loved ones … Today, they share with us their beautiful day, immortalized by photographer Laurent Brouzet. “We met by mutual friends during our studies, and after 8 years together, getting married seemed natural, not only for the formalization but also for the pleasure and the desire to reunite our family and closest friends. Romain made his request while we

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