An engagement in the streets of Hamburg

Une sécance engagement dans les rues de Hambourg - Coralie Lescieux - La mariée aux pieds nus

Carole and Nicolas met during their studies, and did not leave each other since. These two expatriate lovers will getting married in a few weeks, and have chosen Coralie Lescieux to immortalize their love with images. The opportunity to travel a little and discover this beautiful German city …

“We were students in the same school in Paris and we spoke for the first time during a skiing week  organized by our school. Then we shared a group of friends, we went to the same parties, we talked in the corridors from school but nothing more.

It was only three years after our meeting, when we both finished our studies abroad, him in London, me in Milan that we got closer. Once graduated, I found work in Toulouse and Nicolas followed me. ”

“Professionally, Carole was going to take a new step and she was offered an opportunity in Germany in Hamburg. Working in the same field as her, I knew that I will find work too, I just had to be patient. Carole left 3 months before me, luckily I could quickly join her. ”

“Apart from its weather, Hamburg has delighted us very quickly, it’s a dynamic city, with an international influence ans with an airport very well served which is very good because we love to travel. Despite its size and attractiveness, its canals and parks make we do not feel the stress that we might feel in the big industrial cities. ”

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