An engagement session at the Pointe de Pen-Hir in Brittany

Une séance engagement à la pointe de Pen-Hir en Bretagne

Direction Brittany this morning La mariée aux pieds nus, for an engagement session at the Pointe de Pen-Hir photographed by Les Histoires d’A.

Marie shares with us her love story with Yoann … “It was on the occasion of the birthday of a mutual friend that we first saw each other more than 8 years ago. The crush was not immediate but we still exchanged our numbers.

After many sms and whole nights spent on the phone laughing and discovering each other, we wanted to see each other again a month later. It is then very naturally that our story began. Then came a period of distance relationship, Yoann living in Orleans and me in the Paris area. We found ourselves two years later in Paris and did not wait very long before moving in together. “

The proposal

“For Christmas in 2016, Yoann offers me a trip to Sweden, including a weekend in Lapland! Let’s go for the cold, the large white expanses and the beautiful sky!

When we arrived in Lapland, I felt Yoann a little more stressed than usual… And from the first evening, after a hot chocolate and a party of mikados, we went for a walk to discover the northern lights. We were very lucky, the lights were dancing in the sky that seemed huge, it was breathtaking. That’s when Yoann plays La Ritournelle by Sébastien Tellier, our song, and put his knee in the snow to ask me to be his wife!

We then took advantage of our visit to Copenhagen to celebrate our future wedding in a very good restaurant and we had a good life together. “

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