Choosing well your wedding dress

That’s it, your dear made THE proposal, and you said yes! You have only one idea in mind: start preparations for your big day, starting by finding the dress of your dreams. You have idealized and fantasized it for many years but now that the time has come, where to start? Designer dress, custom dress, short, long, sleeves or not, when and where to make an appointment? Today, we give you all our advice to find the dress that suits you.

Make a first identification

Before going head to head in your steps, make yourself an initial idea of ​​what you want. You may have known for a long time the style of dress you want to wear for your wedding, but maybe not. And finally, even if you had a very precise idea of ​​what you wanted, you might fall in ecstasy at a model of dress completely different from the one you dreamed of wearing. So get inspired, browse blogs, on Pinterest, go check out the designer’s wedding dresses collections, and make a first selection of the style of dress you like. Delicate lace or elegant satin crepe? Siren or empire cut? Minimalist and modern or romantic country style? Remember all the images you like, but do not decide right away! Allow time and come back to see if you still like it. This is the best advice we can give you for organizing your wedding: take your time and do not rush.

Choose the style that suits you

Choosing your wedding dress is choosing a style that suits you, but that also corresponds to the atmosphere you want to give to your day. If you have already chosen your place of reception and the decoration you want to make, things must start to be clear in your mind, and this will probably help you in choosing your dress. Sophisticated wedding in a castle or a mansion, opt for a voluminous dress, or adorned with beaded embroidery. Romantic ceremony feet in the sand or in the middle of the vegetation, bet on a fluid dress with lace details. Want a modern wedding in an industrial warehouse? Opt for a minimalist, sober and unadorned dress accessorized with beautiful glittering jewels.

Define the budget

Now that you know what kind of dress you would like, take a break and set your budget. Yes, it is the least funny part of the operation, but nevertheless essential. No need to drool in front of a dress of creator if you know that you will not have the means to offer it to you. You will choose another dress out of spite, which you will like but perhaps less, and it is not the desired effect. And this is also true if your dress is a gift from one of your loved ones, it is better immediately to define with the person concerned the budget that it wishes to attribute to this beautiful purchase.

And do not panic about this budget, know that there are beautiful models at all prices for you to be the most beautiful on the day of your wedding. No need to invest in a designer dress if you do not want to, or no means! You can find some very nice models from ready-to-wear brands, or you can even rent your dress! A good way to wear the dress of your dreams on D-Day without buying it.

To be to his advantage on fitting day

That’s it, you know what style of dress you want to wear on D-Day. You’ve contacted the creators you’ve spotted on the web and all your appointments are booked. To be sure to appreciate at best the dresses that you will try, be to your advantage the day of your fittings. Come on and make up (slightly not to dirty the dresses), make sure to find you pretty, it will boost your confidence in you and your fittings will be better! What is worse than trying on a gorgeous dress with a pale complexion and rough hairstyle?

Also remember to wear nude color underwear, and without straps, not to see them under the dress during fitting. Finally, bring with you shoes whose heel height is about the same as that you wear or would like to wear the day of your wedding. A few centimeters more or less can sometimes change the rendering of the dress when you wear it, so as to have a preview as faithful as possible of the final rendering on the day of fitting.

Be accompanied by the right people

Choosing the right people to share this moment of fittings is essential. There is no point in coming up with all your friends, cousins and your multiple aunts. Only be accompanied by people who know you very very well, two or three maximum, and who will be honest with you while taking care to think about what you want above all. They are not the ones who choose your dress, but you. Take their advice, their advice as keys to guide you in your search, but the last one to whom the decision comes back is you! These people are above all there to reassure you, so choose them well!

Be accompanied by the right people is also choosing carefully the designers who will guide you in choosing your dress. If you feel that you will not get along with these professionals, it will be difficult to work with them during the long months of elaboration of your dress, and even if the creations of this brand make you dream, the experience can quickly turn into nightmare with a creator who does not understand you or share your vision of marriage. This is usually what serves the first appointment: make a first selection of dresses that you might like, try them and see if you get along with the professionals who will accompany you. And during your fitting, trust them. If they are professionals, they will guide you and put you in confidence, reassure you. They have seen hundreds of brides, you are not the first, so enjoy these moments that pass too quickly!

The final choice

If for some brides, the crush is immediate, for others, finding the perfect dress may take a little longer. Do not panic ! Every bride is different. It may be that the dress you’ve always dreamed of does not really fit you at all, and does not match who you are, your wedding style, or your body shape at all. Do not worry, this happens for many brides, hence the interest of being well advised. And that does not mean that you will not find the perfect dress, it will just be a little more patient, and open-minded. The rare pearl may be hiding right in front of your nose. Feel free to try models that, at first glance, would not have caught your attention. On a hanger, this dress may not tell you anything, but once worn, it may prove to be the one you need! And for some brides, the crush just does not come, it happens! Of the dozens of dresses you’ve tried, all as beautiful as the others, none has really lived up to your expectations. Why not ask a seamstress, who will tailor the dress you’ve always imagined?

In any case, make a point of rest on the dresses tried before making your decision, and return to try the dress that caught your attention before you make a final decision. Sometimes, under the influence of emotion, it is possible to miss some details that we discover well despite ourselves after making our decision. Choosing your wedding dress is an important step, so even if you’re in love with it, take your time, and ask for advice, if only to reassure you.

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