Styled and mismatched bridesmaids

Who said that bridesmaids have to wear all the same dress at your wedding? To be matched without being dressed in the same way is possible, the proof with the images of a inspiration shooting imagined by the Nona Paris agency, putting in scene radiant young ladies photographed by Madeleine …

On these images, complicity, madness, love, girls have the power, and we love it! And all these dresses, what elegance! The delicacy of the lace rubs the splendor of the embroidered pearls, the bridesmaids are rebellious but romantic, in short the modernity and the mixture of the styles is a requirement on these deep and dark colors images. 

If we count a lot onthe wedding dress of the bride during the preparation of a wedding, the dresses of the bridesmaids are no less important, the proof is! They also guarantee the atmosphere of the wedding! Your Friends don’t look like each other, and do not have the same style? Fine! It can never be said enough, but today, the key to modernity is precisely this difference , so use it!

And to help you for that, I have concocted a small selection of dresses and accessories to sublimate the bridesmaids, with sparkles but always with elegance…


Artistic direction, planning and stylism : Nona Paris | Photographer : Madeleine | Venue : La Cartonnerie | Flowers : Menthe Sauvage | Video maker : Pierre et Julie | Accesories : Mignonne Handmade | Haircut : Sandra pour Le Chignon | Stationery : Septembre papeterie | Wedding dress : Pandore | Rings : Paulette à bicyclette |Bridesmaids dresses : Inmaculada Garcia, Galia Lahav & Cathy Telle | Jewellery : Pérouse Paris

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