A minimalist and modern wedding

Minimalist atmosphere with chic urban inspirations today on The barefoot bride, with this inspirational shoot imagined by Susanne Lüdeling, photographer and the wedding designer Tiphaine of Liebesglück. An atmosphere we particularly like for its simplicity and its delicately elegant modernism …

Susanne and Tiphaine, the origin of the shooting tell us more about their inspirations: “We wanted to create a different marriage, far from stereotypes: pink and lace, as we see so often.We wanted to create an urban atmosphere, chic, lifestyle, editorial, modern, minimalist and graphic but also to play with materials.”

“This shoot is for an international and cosmopolitan bride, an independent, confident, romantic, sexy and strong woman, which is why we chose the colors: black, gold, gray, green khaki and cream. colors highlight his feminism and all his pride.The gold shows the refinement and high quality of the wedding.

However the bride wears a combination and not a classic or traditional dress. For the materials we therefore played with a combination of silk, velvet, marble, handmade paper, acrylic glass and a wax seal. “

A tip for your wedding

“Have the courage to make a different wedding! It is better to have less decoration but for this a decoration of quality.It is the details that make the wedding will be unique.The colors chosen must be found in every detail and every step of the marriage.

Think out of the box. It means: think differently and get out of traditional marriage. ”


Concept and organisation : Susanne Lüdeling Photography & Liebesglück – Wedding Design | Photographer : Susanne Lüdeling Photography | Stationery : Liebesglück – Wedding Design | Video : Tatjana Jentsch – Media in Motion | Venue : Mauritzhof Hotel Münster | Dress : Kisui Berlin – bridal fashion | Flowers : IKO Flowers | muah : Liza Loves Make Up | Models : mosaikon | Mannequins: Ako Nakanome |

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