A wedding between modernity and old-fashioned poetry at Château de Froechwiller

Un mariage entre poésie et modernité au Château de Froechwiller - Photos : Alain M - Blog mariage : La mariée aux pieds nus

Cursh for this modern and poetic editorial photographed by Alain M and organized by Marie Chicchirichi  at the Château de Froechwiller in Alsace. A delicate atmosphere, punctuated with creased details, THE tendency to follow in 2019 on the wedding side!

And if you are looking for your wedding planner, you will meet Marie Chicchirichi on Saturday, February 9th at the wedding festival LOVE.ETC

Marie shares with us her inspirations… “Located in Alsace, the Château de Frœschwiller is an incredible place, which exudes a very special atmosphere, out of time.He stayed” in his own juice “, he inspired us to create a tour aesthetic towards a contemporary design, combining poetry and modernity, while breaking the codes of the world of marriage. “

“The natural color palette used and the materials chosen – hemp, pleated muslin, crystal and table ceramics – add a contemporary twist to the ensemble – we chose to play on the contrasts – shadow and light, lines and materials – and centering our work around the bride, a modern and free woman, advocating the image of today’s femininity, with strength and delicacy. “


Venue : Château de Frœschwiller | Wedding planner and artistic direction : Marie Chicchirichi | Photographer : Alain M | Film Lab: Richard Photo Lab | Flowers & wedding design: Lettre à Élise Events | Wedding dress : By Romance  | Accessories : Maison Sabben  & Marjorie Mariage  | Rings : Myrtille Beck | Ceramics : Barbara Leboeuf | Cristal glasses : Cristallerie Saint Louis  | Chairs : Options Luxembourg | Stationery : Acétate la Boite  | mua : Justine Chery |  Hair dresser : Justine Cht | Model : Olga  |

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