A boho winter elopement in the snow

Un elopement bohème en hiver dans la neige - Photos : Solveig et Ronan - Blog mariage : La mariée aux pieds nus

Bilitis, hairdresser and makeup artist, founder of Billy and Clyde  recently rehabilitated a vintage combi that will allow her to welcome future brides and their witnesses for their preparations. She had the idea to imagine a shooting around her combi, in a bohemian atmosphere in the heart of winter in a landscape transformed by snow. A report photographed by Solveig et Ronan.

She shares with us her inspirations … “The original idea: a couple who travels in combi across France and stops their way in the middle of a wild landscape to unite and bind themselves for life. The day begins with an intimate and joyful awakening in the Van, they dress together, offer themselves little presents, then go for a lunch and a union alone, facing the surrounding nature as a witness. “

“I wanted to stage a boho-style wedding in my VW combi, which was specially renovated for weddings. It was important for me to surround myself with people of confidence, of which I am very admiring and to share and leave room for the creativity of each. The idea being to leave the conventional side of the marriage, to break the codes. This is also my slogan: Break codes, make love. “

“In order to accompany me on this project, I immediately thought of Solveig & Ronan for photography, touched by their sensitivity, their universe, the emotions that emerge from their photos and their way of capturing light. They had the urge to photograph the loving moments of our lovers, Emma and Juu in their “Clyde” combi on waking to immortalize these moments so sweet and intimate and their preparation for two.

For the dress, it’s Isabella Boutin who touched me with her creations. Delicate lace, fluidity and transparency of the “Fleetwood” dress perfectly adapted to the bohemian and hippie style that I love so much.

“In order to stay in an alternative style, the groom is dressed by Bonne gueule with cargo pants, a white shirt, an accessorized jewelry outfit from Blush Concept Store.

It was obvious to me that this atmosphere was to be bloomed by Menthe Sauvage. I like the delicate work of the flower and the poetic universe of Melanie. We made the choice not to include green foliage in the compositions, although we like it a lot, we wanted something more refined, while working the fresh flowers. Velvet Go to brilliantly stage the decoration that we imagined together. Clemence and Flavy themselves made the structure of the arch that supported this sublime carpet decorated with flowers. For the table, I liked the idea of ​​a picnic. A simple and warm table, a large carpet and cushions on the floor. A tablecloth thrown on the oak coffee table, stoneware plates, cutlery with wooden handles, the pretty personalized squares with the names of the Picotti Picotta ceramic couple. Also flowers and candles here and there … The personalized cookies of Shanty Biscuits and the craft beer La Gorge Fraiche, bring more authenticity to this table with raw materials.

Finally, I also wanted to highlight the work of different designers such as embroidered and personalized handkerchiefs “Cousu” or “Eléonore M” who made a superb drawing on a tambourine. “


Photographer : Solveig et Ronan | Muah : Billy and Clyde | Dress : Isabella Boutin  | Groom clothes : Bonne Gueule | Jewels and wedding ring : Blush Concept | Flowers : Menthe Sauvage | Decoration : Velvet Rendez-vous | Combi VW : Clyde the van | Ceramic : Picotti Picotta | Embroidered hanckies : Cousu | Tambourine illustrations : Eleonore M | Beers : La gorge fraiche | Biscuits : Shanty Biscuits | Models : Emma & Juu |

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