A brick wedding in winter at the Domaine de Puissentut

Un mariage couleur brique en hiver au Domaine de Puissentut - Photos : Marine Arborio - Blog mariage : La mariée aux pieds nus

An editorial full of beautiful ideas today on the blog, with this brick winter wedding at the Domaine de Puissentut imagined by Marine Arborio for the photo and Alexandre aka Le Labo Ephémère for the decoration.

“The whole shooting was built around one piece, a top from the atelier 2B collection. Literally seduced during a fitting with one of his brides, it became clear to Alexander that it would be the starting point of  this shoot. It is a 3/4 sleeve cropped top in tulle embroidered with wool… inspiring, delicate, finely crafted that breathes softness and comfort. “

“A movement spontaneously emerged for this shooting : the winter The challenge was all the more interesting, it is a season to much little explored for photo shoots, which tend to fall in a few seasonal snapshots (snow – wood fires), so we focused our shooting on the feeling of winter, highlighting textures and materials that merge and complement each other in a natural environment with warm and velvety tones. “

“Our two-day couple wandered in a world with pronounced tones of caramel, gold, terracotta, matching with softer ones like nude, blush and cream. This choice, we wanted to make it live with details in the entirety of the scenography but also through the place and its vegetation.

How to speak of winter without evoking nature. A dormant vegetation, quieter, but still offering vibrant colors. The foliage, the trees and all those delicate plants that the ore offers right now. Branches, roots, brown fern, thistles, feather dusters and cotton … To sublimate our model, the jewels of “Maison Sabben” seemed to be obvious, with its hairpins and earrings reminiscent of the delicate petals of frosted flowers. “

“Celebrating nature also means highlighting raw materials and craftsmanship. Hand woven Indian bench, Moroccan rug in water hyacinth and finely engraved porcelain from « l’atelier Halo »… so many pieces that have textured and give depth to this winter shoot.

Lost in the middle of the Gersoise countryside, the field of Puissentut seemed to be the ideal place. Its 16th century building was partly destroyed and then remarkably renovated by its owners Angela and Dirk, respectively from England and Holland. The contrast between the warmth of the stone, the wood and the sobriety of the white walls were particularly interesting. “

“We wanted this wedding intimate, keeping only the essentials and exploiting the ambient minimalism, emotions, pure feelings and conviviality were only increased tenfold. Defined spaces, which create an airway and logical for the guests, but which also give way to the expression of the senses. “

“A small wooden table, crisp dishes, simple spikes on the table, enhanced by the masterpiece of the reception: the composition of the oral suspension. A simple reception room with white walls and wooden beams. He does not have a shirt, but a merino merino sweater with a raw edge and a pair of white leather tennis shoes. This marriage is aesthetic but it is also synonymous with comfort and lightness. “


Photo : Marine Arborio | Decoration/Stylism : Le Labo Ephémère | Model : Rock my Casbah | Flowers : Poppy Figue | Dress : Atelier 2B | Suit : COS | Beauté : Sarah Fékir | Jewels : Maison Sabben | Porcelains : Atelier Halo | Venue : Domaine de Puissentut | Furniture : Be Lounge

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