A folk and Slav inspired wedding in the woods

Nature, nature, still nature and a beautiful bride, today on La mariée aux pieds nus, we offer to you the images of a pretty folk inspired wedding, imagined by drougARTevent and photographed by Patricia Hendrychova-Estanguet

Patricia shares with us her inspirations … “I wanted to propose a wink to my roots, by injecting a wind of modernity on traditions dear to my heart.
I am an incorrigible lover of pretty details, and the starting point of all this adventure was the desire of a marked accessory, of character.

The Vinok, the traditional Ukrainian crown, made up of flowers and branches, is a symbol of sun, luck and happiness for young women. A magical accessory for our bride.”

Wild, dreamlike, slavic were our watchwords to draw the outlines of this shooting. The team has been quickly composed, and soon other Slav actors joined in. I am Czech, Marta of DrougArtEvent is Polish, Olga of Angeola Marriage is Ukrainian, we have mixed our traditions to develop the editorial of our dreams.

Ivan Kupalo’s night is celebrated in Ukraine. Near a stream, bonfires are lit and people dance around. Beyond the artistic adventure, we were driven by the same desire to share a beautiful human adventure. One that leaves bursts of laughter on all faces. We wanted to make this day as festive and joyful as on a wedding day. We have sown a few winks in the rituals. Breaking plates to get lucky, drinking a shot of vodka to promise to go through the most difficult events together. And a lot of emotion to the real exchange of their wishes.”

“The table was set in the Wood House and again, it is meant to be authentic. Marta of DrougArtevent wanted to play with the textures of raw materials: old china dishes, garlands of plants, snowballs, the heat of the candles. On the menu, a borsch prepared by Marta and served by our grooms.
And as night falls, we meet at the fire to dance to the sound of the band.”

“Through the images of Palmer Film and mine, we hope to have transported you the time of a dreamlike journey in the country of our origins, and we hope that it will inspire future brides who would like to give a poetic Slavic note of meaning to their marriage.”


Photographer : Patricia Hendrychova-Estanguet | Wedding planner & design : drougARTevent | Venue : Coco Barn | Video maker : Palmer Film | Flowers : Rodolphe Tastes | Wedding gown : Angeola Biarritz | Suit : Serrada | Tenues des préparatifs : Les Bohémiennes | Hair-stylist : Studio R by Tony | Make-up : Jenny Jane | Nails : Nail Delice | Wedding cake : Cook in love | Bamboo furniture : Bambou Créations | Ceremony sign : Sara Pasternak | Macramé : Fsty Création | Dishes : Les volets bleus | Wine : Egiategia | Officiant : Plume | Lighting and special effects : My Event 64 | Rings and jewels : Gemmes de Morengo | The bride : Sandra | The bridesmaid : Laura | The groom : Kévin | Music : Rinri Music

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