A folk wedding in a small committee in a family home

Un mariage folk en petit comité à Nantes - Photos : Dorothée Buteau - Blog mariage  : La mariée aux pieds nus

Imagine a folk wedding in a small committee, simple, friendly and warm. An intimate, country-style moment with fall color in the garden of a family home. That’s what guided Fanny Calligraphie for this editorial photographed by Dorothée Buteau that you can find next month at the LOVE.ETC wedding festival as Atelier Aimer, or L’Apiéceur who will also be there!

Fanny, the calligrapher at the origin of the project shares with us her inspirations… “I’ve lived in Nantes for 6 years, and since my arrival I know this group of friends that participated in this shoot – including Melanie and Christophe who have been in a relationship for 8 years, the “married couple”. Over the years, we have – all this group of friends, some of whom appear on this inspirational shoot – knotted a true friendship and thus created a big family . “

“Melanie and Christophe live in a roommate in a big house on the banks of the Erdre river, and it’s been a long time since this inspirational shoot trotted me in the head. This big, happy house, this huge wacky garden with a lot of vegetation heteroclite, Erdre, hens, rooster, rabbits … This place, we have accumulated so many good memories. This space is not perfect but it is true, it is raw, a little offbeat sometimes and it That’s what I liked, it’s a bit like the message I wanted to convey to the bride and groom, stay true to what you are, do not be afraid to think outside the box if it suits you. The most important thing was to succeed in recreating a real atmosphere, because the decoration is also there to serve the atmosphere, the two of them seem to me intimately interwoven.It was very important for me that there is also the music, always in this idea that ambia Take it. “

“On the team side, I contacted providers who I love the work and the match was there. The idea was to create a silk screen bar in the garden so that guests and grooms manually print the names of the bride and groom on tote bags. Simon Roché of Première Presse, serigraph, came with his material to liven up this silkscreen corner. Marie of Atelier Aimer took care of all the floral decoration starting with autumn tones. She created a whole set of flowers that climbed the ceremony tree or worked the entire table run starting with warm colors and a set that is at once mastered, poetic and unstructured.We can also see the work of Solenn Arnicol, ceramist, especially with her cups for the tea bar and her containers for the eggs on the table, the white plates created by the ceramist Margot Coville or the funny ceramic animals and terracotta bowls by Sylvain Jarry from Ugbu. “

“Mélanie from the agency Féelicité brought her keen eye to arrange the elements of this folk wedding in small committee, pointed the tone of the shooting with the colors and the aesthetic ambience. She notably worked a part of the decoration on the tea, for example with tea vials as guest gifts, mixed with flowers in the wooden bathtub or in small drawers in the tea bar, available to the guests. Opus Swing Trio, played during and after the ceremony. Céline from Les Mignonneries created plexi panels with dried flowers inside and printed the lettering I had done for the bride and groom on it. The caterer Saveurs Gourmandes worked on seasonal products for the dish and dessert, and for the clothes, L’Apiéceur took care of the groom’s suit, starting with a mustard color and Isabelle Payet took care of the wedding dress. The photographer Dorothée Buteau and videographer Marions-Nous Dans les Bois captured the images of that day. And I took care of the invitation and the calligraphy, especially for example on the guitar for the meal menu or I calligraphy the first name of the guests on the eggs of the hens of the garden. “


Photographer : Dorothée Buteau | Flowers : Atelier Aimer | Stationery and calligraphy : Fanny Calligraphie | Wedding designer : Féelicité | Videographer : Marions-Nous Dans les Bois | Ceramist tea bar and egg containers : Solenn Larnicol | Ceramist small animal figurines : Ugbu | Ceramist white plates : Margot Coville | Screen printing workshop : Première presse | Welcome panel + table name : Les Mignonneries | Caterer : Saveurs Gourmandes | Musicians : Opus Swing | Groom suit : L’Apiéceur | Wedding dress : Isabelle Payet

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