A rock and glamorous wedding on a beach

Two lovers, a flowered beach and decorated in a bohemian-retro atmosphere, and above all, a bride in black, today we’re sharing with us the images of a rock and glamorous editorial, photographed and imagined by Anne Letournel

She tells us more about her inspirations … “It’s the desire to make a shooting with a bride in black that was the starting point of this editorial. I wanted to get out of the traditional codes of the bride in white and go to something more rock, more assertive but still glamorous and nature.

It is about love, sensuality but also nature. This one plays an important role in my work as a photographer. It is for me a source of inspiration and creation. I like its lights, its landscapes and its seasons. It was therefore important that the place has a wild and lost side. That we find the idea of a great plain or a desert of North America. The mine of Abbaretz, located between Nantes and Rennes, appeared to me as the ideal place. Between snow and desert, love is wild, intimate, and far from everything.

The couple formalizes their love in this atypical and monochrome place, lonely in front of the elements. The idea of a tension between the masculine / feminine is characterized little by little. There is the sensual woman on the one hand, with her long slit dress, her hat and her hair in the wind, and on the other hand the androgynous woman, piercing eyes and tattoos. They are there, together, as in a bubble, and love each other.

The floral part of the shooting was entrusted to Corinne Brandon. She immediately knew how to capture the desired atmosphere and impose her style, at once modern, elegant and refined. Her achievements are to die for. I like this mix of Pampas herbs and roses, when the wild side meets the sweetness of the flower, all sublimated by warm tones in this seemingly cool nature.

The Meow agency has taken care of the decoration and the final staging. Lila & Inès have been able to mix the various elements of the decoration with tact, and to realize an installation at the same time intimate, cordial, captivating and with the vintage touches. The rather cold atmosphere of the mine environment contrasts with the warm tones, reds, browns, ocher found in the flowers but also in the wooden furniture, the leather elements, the fabrics and the skins. of animals. All complemented by the stationery of the Cocotte Cardboard, which calligraphy and illustrates his hand-made announcements. For a unique and authentic result.”

Wedding dress : Sandrine Richard – Portez vos idées | Flowers : Petite fleur | Decoration : Agence Meow | Photographer : Anne Letournel | mua : Lou BeautyArtist | Hair Cuts : Amel’ys coiffure | Cake :  Dalila | Shoes : Maléfic Shoes | Stationery : La cocotte en Carton | Horses : Coaching confiance  | Models: Lilia & Haïdi
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