In two very small days will be held the tenth edition of our wedding festival love.etc, and we hate to meet you there! Lovers, lovers or just curious and lovers of pretty things, we expect many on Saturday, February 9 in a beautiful place in the heart of the Bastille district in Paris. As every year, beautiful creative surprises at the rendezvous, and especially beautiful meetings, with talented professionals we look forward to you discover. Love.etc, also the opportunity to get to know the work of big and smaller creators,

This season the designer of wedding dresses Christina Sfez had a real crush on the sublime creations of Verbena Madrid. Hand-made crowns in raffia and entirely embroidered with pearls and sequins. A modern and poetic alternative to the traditional wreath. Christina shares with us her inspirations for this editorial… “In close collaboration with Emilie Green, makeup artist hairdresser whose work I love, and Lorenzo Accardi, a talented photographer whose work I have followed the work for some time, we decided to put them on stage to share our vision of style with

Cursh for this modern and poetic editorial photographed by Alain M and organized by Marie Chicchirichi  at the Château de Froechwiller in Alsace. A delicate atmosphere, punctuated with creased details, THE tendency to follow in 2019 on the wedding side! And if you are looking for your wedding planner, you will meet Marie Chicchirichi on Saturday, February 9th at the wedding festival LOVE.ETC Marie shares with us her inspirations… “Located in Alsace, the Château de Frœschwiller is an incredible place, which exudes a very special atmosphere, out of time.He stayed” in his own

In just one week will be held the tenth edition of our wedding festival love.etc which will take place on Saturday, February 9, in the heart of the Bastille district in Paris in a beautiful place that we can not wait to make you discover. Beyond helping you organize your wedding, this event is especially the opportunity for human encounters, passionate and caring, and this is the heart of love.etc. Early readers or newcomers here, you will probably have understood, photography and taking pictures in general is one of the

Camille and Alexandre have gone through many events together, which will only have strengthened their beautiful story, sealed by their beautiful wedding at the Domaine du Guerric on the Ile aux Moines photographed by Aurélien Bretonnière. The meeting “We met thanks to our best friend in common, Manu, 7 years ago. Alexandre was returning from a world tour in 2CV, and I was still a student in Nantes in dental surgery. And against all odds, despite many differences, with a Alex more calm and rational, and me, a little too dynamic

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