A rust-colored wedding with autumnal inspirations

Un mariage couleur rouille - Photos : Sophie Masiewicz - Blog mariage : La mariée aux pieds nus

A cozy, warm, simple and natural spirit as we love them for this rust-colored wedding with autumnal inspirations photographed by Sophie Masiewicz.

Claudine, designer of wedding dresses, tells us more about what guided this editorial… “To love, to love to talk to each other, to love to meet, to love to share and to communicate… It started from a few words in a virtual chatter where the Respect and exchange are really real, emotion and image, Sophie is a photographer, colors and softness, Marie is a floral designer, poetry and graphics, Anaïs is a stationery designer and I Claudine, materials and lines I’m creative wedding dresses. “

“All united around the desire to work together in the same energy and inspiration, again this time all the elements are piled up and nested with simplicity and obviousness: a pair of shoes, felt, terracotta, plates ceramic, a leaf of palm trees and the atmosphere was there before us, there was the story, … their story. “

“To love, to love to see each other, to love to talk to each other, to love to feel and to touch each other… Their encounter is the result of chance in a train far from here, they met each other practically every day without really knowing it on their way to the city of Riga in Latvia. Gwen perfects the art of woodcutting and Dorian is a musician.”

“First of all a usual silhouette, then a look at a few exchanged words and in a few days they became all one for the other, two passionate people who live off their talents and get drunk on the simple things of life. They love each other, simply but intensely, there they learn and feed on the eyes and the heart: the colors of the Baltic forests and beaches, the flavors and especially the deeply human and authentic values.’

“It is his rock, his home port, she is his France that they miss and on their return they are going to get married. Their marriage is like their history, simple and faithful to their principles, lovers of art and art. There is nothing extravagant here, but things created by men and women whom they met directly with whom they could exchange and build their marriage. “

“The arcades of a castle near the Loire, carefully chosen rustic objects, soft caramel-colored carnations, quotes and words that echo their memories, hues and flavors that bring them back to this little pastry shop where they asked him to share his life and topics that warm up their thrills at the idea of going back in. Love, love with passion, love with intensity, just love … “


Wedding Dress : Claudine créations | Photographer : Sophie Masiewicz | Suit : Reza Est 1988 | Flowers and stylism : Marie Jousse – Folie douce | Stationery : Pastilles et petits pois | Decoration rental : O bonheur des dames | Personal Shopper Yves Dron : Dress me up | Bride earings : Lou Yetu Paris | mua : Iuliya | The bride and groom : Gwen et Dorian

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