The morning after

Le matin d'après - Shooting éditorial - Photos : Happy Day'z Photographie - Blog mariage : La mariée aux pieds nus

We love the idea of extending the euphoria of the D-Day the day after the wedding, we had also adored this editorial on the theme of brunch wedding. New favorite for this shoot “The morning after” imagined by Un dix neuf septembre.. An editorial imagined in the continuity of a wedding: still some details of this beautiful day and the night of celebration.

Floriane shares with us her inspirations … “In the early morning, Arthur and Lou find their room. First, still in wedding dress, time suspended for a few moments … Then, Lou changes, Arthur finishes preparing their first breakfast in bed of husband and wife, with a nice poem A sweet morning, full of love and complicity, in all intimacy, just both, husband and wife. “

“After participating in several shootings as a service provider, I wanted to get involved in the organization of this one. I wanted something more personal, a new approach, more So, follow the couple, the next morning, to open a new page of their lives.The idea was to highlight fabrics, textures, and feelings. I selected providers from my region for almost all, with a know-how and values that look like to me. “

“For the flowers, coffee, caramel colors, copper, textures and delicacy. I have built a bridal bouquet with depth and contrasts.The pretty ribbons of Gaëlle, hand tinted and naturally, sublimate the link. The lovers, Arthur and Lou, are at the center of this editorial, their love and their complicity are the thread of this session. To capture these moments, the eye of Caroline was perfect. Since our meeting for the project, she has understood and shared my vision of things, and the direction she wanted. She knows how to highlight the details and capture the impalpable. “

“Guillaume Wilmin has shot, he has edited a very sweet and intimate video. The sequence of images, a succession of shots, fragments of moments. Beautiful words, pieces of their eyes, we discover their intimacy. A vision full of personality and innovative that fits perfectly with the idea of shooting. We were in the beautiful house of Pauline Mellinger. This room decorated with simplicity, taste and attention to detail was the perfect setting for this editorial.

“The sweets of the breakfast were prepared by « O soeur saveurs ». They knew how to work season products, and to realize a breakfast with authenticity and greediness. The dishes, the cushions and the cover were selected at « Bleu Jasmin ». Olive tree, blown glass, sandstone, materials chosen to give relief to this breakfast. Lou’s dress is a mixture of simplicity and delicacy, a fine lace, full of sensuality.”

“Rings are made in France, by hand and with fair gold by « Flore et Zéphyr », they are delicate and refined. I chose to mismatch the two, so that everyone has a ring in accordance with his desire. Finally, I wanted a poem, such as a letter written by Arthur for Lou. Camille, from « Studio Billie » perfectly transcribed my desire for simplicity with great aesthetics”.


Planning and floral creations : Floriane Del Frate – Un dix neuf septembre | Photographer : Caroline Lequeux – Happy day’z photographie |  Video : Guillaume Wilmin | Couple : Lou et Arthur | Venue : Pauline Mellinger’s houses : Le vélo rose | Wedding dress : Elisa Ness |  Rings : Flore et Zéphyr | Dishes and decoration : Bleu Jasmin |  Stationery : Camille Gresset –  Studio Billie | Ribbons : Le temps file | Breakfast : O Soeurs Saveurs

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