What a pleasure to share with you once again the images of Maison Sabben‘s new collection of bridal accessories photographed by Chloé Lapeyssonnie. A flowery, refined, delicate and completely contemporary collection that plays on volumes and associations. Earrings, hairpins, combs, rushes, pins or crowns turn out in turn the unstructured petal pattern or sun rays. “A range of accessories revealing all the know-how and creativity of the designer Sandrine Koehnlein, giving off a vibrant look of finesse and strength. She completes with these new creations her line of iconic floral jewelry UNIVERS, by

Today on La mariée aux pieds nus, Kamelion wedding dresses designer is sharing with us the pictures of her 2019 collection of wedding dresses, a mix of romance, gentleness and femininity for brides who want to be beautiful in their natural beauty. day… “The creations created for my clients are a mix of their ideas and my ideas.This collection 2019 was an opportunity to have fun creating 100% dresses in my image 6 dresses that I could have worn at my own wedding . “ Clean lines and fluidity at the rendezvous

The grace and lightness of a ballet dancer, an elegant sense of couture the dress designer Victoire Vermeulen is sharing today the pictures of her new wedding dress collection. Refined creations that revisit the classic codes of ballet, for a modern and elegant bride. This season, Victoire Vermeulen‘s bride is a bit bold and impertinent, minimalist cuts and structured mix with more vaporous and aerial silhouettes. In short, the bride surprises by its independence, its charisma and its pace expertly studied without seeming. For a few years now, Victoire Vermeulen has raised

Dream, romance and elegance, these are the words that drescribed the best the new wedding dresses collection by the french based designer Isabella Boutin, who reveals the pictures of her delicate and light creations photographed by Chloé Lapeyssonnie … The bride Isabella Boutin is a princess of modern times, refined, delicate and assertive. Each of the dresses in the collection is a subtle and joyous blend of authentic and contemporary notes – just like the young French-Australian designer. There are many inspirations for this new collection, which brings together ultra-feminine pieces, sometimes fanciful and

In Bordeaux, Montpellier, Lyon and now in Nice, the Olympe house is part of these showrooms of wedding dresses whose reputation is well established in France. Today, the whole team presents the models she has selected for this season 2019, photographed by Chloé Lapeyssonnie. Back bare, plunging necklines and transparency, the bride dares, always with elegance, and we love it! This year, more and more feminine and elegant models are waiting for brides looking for the dress of their dreams. The bride Olympe, it is a confident bride of the

Discover this morning the new collection of wedding dresses of the designer Clémentine Iaconoo that we had already had the pleasure to present in this article. And we love the leitmotiv of the designer; “What is important in the dress is the woman who wears it” … Simplicity remains the ultimate sophistication. For her new collection, the young fashion brand from Lyon highlights modern and elegant dresses in the unstructured decor of a house undergoing renovation. Clémentine Iacono’s bride is an asserted woman, strong of her convictions and her commitment. She finds

The french wedding dress designer Elodie Courtat, is sharing with us today her third collection which this year offers fluid and simple designs. Elodie shares some of her inspirations with us… “This last collection, like the previous ones, is directly inspired by an era that fascinates me: the Seventies, a time when everything seemed possible, where the future belonged to the dreamers and daring. , where fashion was a state of mind but above all a way of expression more than a style. ” The designer therefore imagines models breathing freedom,

With authenticity and modernity and subtle details borrowed from the past, Mathilde Marie  is sharing with us the campaign of her latest collection full of light and poetry … Beautiful materials, history, art and literature nourish the new collection of the designer who stays connected with what she drew for her previous collection. Nine silhouettes with a modern look, and always this retro twist that the designer loves so much. Silk crepe, original plastron, mother-of-pearl buttons are reinvented to dress brides who are seeking for modernity. Delicate lace brings a touch

Delicacy and romance today, with the new collection of wedding dresses from Organse, who imagined this season a very Parisian and loving bride, dressed with light and elegant creations … Audacious and delicate, the Organse 2019 bride asserts herself, playing with codes and revealing all her femininity with elegance. The dresses of this new collection are decorated with floral motifs, sometimes classic or sometimes stylized with lace that is as unique as ever.   This season, we find the lightness and fluidity of the materials so dear to Maison Organse. Calais

Discover today the images of the 2019 collection of Blanche. Unique and timeless pieces, with minimalist design for the bride, but also for her bridesmaids… Blanche is the initiative of Anastasia Pesle and Pamela Comanescu, who met during their studies at the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture. At the time, Pamela trained in fashion design, Anastasia is moving towards model making. Their collection is a bit of a summary of their personality to each: Pamela loves the purest, Anastasia loves the romantic style and brings the floral touch to the

What a pleasure to share with you the news of the opening of the beautiful Sixtine wedding dress showroom in Nice! An adventure led enthusiastically by Ingrid Lepan and Lisa Broncristiano, with the desire to offer brides to be, a selection of modern and luxurious dresses, sometimes distributed exclusively and for the first time in France, as the Lena Medoyeff dresses that we love it here at La mariée aux pieds nus! The Sixtine bride is feminine. She likes chic and timeless things, clean lines and delicate curves, the sobriety of a silk

Today on La mariée aux pieds nus, discover the latest collection of wedding dresses of Laure de Sagazan, which offers this season to brides-to-be creations both modern and timeless, combining fluid cuts and romantic lace details … Sweetness, purity and modern elegance, the brand Laure de Sagazan imagined this season wise and delicate creations, punctuated by a bit of impertinence, thanks to beautiful bare backs and sensual slipped petticoats. The necklines suggest without showing too much, the lace is sometimes discrete, dressing waist and collar, sometimes more visible to sublimate skirts and tops,

Discover today the new collection of wedding dresses from Maison Atelier Swan. Fluid cuts, details of delicate lace, place to softness and poetry with these new creations inspired by the world of dance … Marina and Sophie, the two creators of the brand tell us more about this new collection … : “Our dresses are created with 4 hands and there are 2 of us in each creation. Volumes, movements, the softness of the dancers was evident for our search for materials and lines.” The bride they imagine this season

The Parisian designer Camille Marguet reveals the images of her 2019 collection of wedding dresses photographed by Baptiste Hauville. A more fluid and softer collection, but still marked with this graphic touch that we love in her creations. Our favorite model? The Bleecker dress, and its incredible ruffled sleeves, whose the understated and delicate low-cut neckline is completely sexy! “With her airy look and contemporary elegance,Camille Marguet bride captivates. Lighthearted, playing romantic codes, she shows what she is made of to embody a sensual and assumed young woman. This is drawing

Mother/daugther wedding dress designers Elisa Ness are sharing with us today their brand new wedding dresses collection photographed by Fabien Courmont, which this year is all about transparency  ! And there are some really great finds ! Few words from the designers … “For the new spring-summer 2019 collection, titled Tandem, designers take their inspiration from far-flung journeys, charmed by the unique character of the island of Lanzarote, the team from Elisa Ness immortalises this collection in a wild and volcanic landscape. “ “This line is the image of the woman of today:

Offbeat and ultra-romantic lightness, the Parisian designer Donatelle Godart unveils today the images of her latest collection of wedding dresses, an ode to seduction and to the game of love. Between pleated fluids, delicate lace and plumetis and sensuous plunging necklines, the brand celebrates the beauty of an independent woman, with a subtly seductive look, a woman who loves against all odds and who hypnotizes with her irresistible attitude … Donatelle Godart bride of 2019 is free and curious, she inspires freshness thanks to fluid cuts and pretty materials both delicate and

Poetry, elegance and Spanish inspirations from the 60s and 70s, Christina Sfez today unveils the images of her latest collection of wedding dresses. Models that make the bride of 2019 a bride of assertive character, an authentic bride but made of modernity, and above all a bride resolutely free, romantic and solar. And for more pictures of these new models, do not hesitate to go for a ride in the gallery right here. Vaporous cuts, plunging backs, or plumetis and vegetal guipure combination, the brand invites us this season in

The brand Mademoiselle de Guise takes us for a new and unusual stroll in Paris and lets us discover the images of its 2019 collection of wedding dresses. The bride of Mademoiselle de Guise is always more assertive, provocative, but is still chic with a refined look, couture and frank cut that give so much character to each dress and those who wear them. We love the arrival of a top with a deep, sensual and impertinent cleavage. This year, she dares the pants, for a city look, and the total

Discover today Wednesday, a beautiful brand of wedding dresses that decided from the start not to propose lace dresses ! Successful bet ! Their collections are designed and made in their workshop in Bordeaux, just like their wedding dresses made entirely to measure. Stefany and Vanessa, at the head of Wednesday, talk a little more about their approach … “We are both from the world of ready-to-wear and design, so we try to breathe a Fashion side to our collections. We are convinced that the future bride must be a reflection of

When you are planning your wedding, you think at first to the caterer, the venue, DJ, the outfits and the decoration but you often forget all the little details that will save your life on D-day, and those who will make your wedding a day that you will not want to forget. So today, we are offering to you a list of wedding essentials to have on your D-day during the preparations, but also during the ceremony and the reception, for the future brides, but also for gentlemen. A pretty

Today on La mariée aux pieds nus, we make you discover the images of the shooting of the last collection of wedding dresses by Série Blanche. Creations with fluid and timeless cuts, mixing modernity and authenticity … Série Blanche was born from the meeting of two designers, Lisa and Aline, sharing the same desires, the love of beautiful fabrics, of french lace, and contemporary cuts. They respectively worked in custom-made wedding dresses and ready-to-wear for the brands EON-Paris and Les Petites Robes Blanches. It is in 2016 that they decide to

The bridal accessories brand Lizeron today reveals the images of its new collection photographed by Baptiste Hauville. A delicate and precious collection, which highlights centuries-old creative techniques, for timeless and charming wedding accessories. Lizeron is the association of two cousins, Sidonie and Julie, coming from two different worlds, decoration and sculpture. They come together in a common vision of elegance and pretty materials. From the Frida crown made with the “boulage” technique to the Hortense comb, which is their iconic model inspired by old crowns, they are always looking for new inspirations.

Boho and gipsy spirit in the pure state for the wedding dresses of Rue de Seine which reveals today the images of its 2019 collection. The Wild Heart Collection instills a romantic, adventurous energy that happily celebrates the nomadic and bohemian spirit. Inspired by the exploration of the invisible, the heat of summer, and the frantic race of a traveler’s heart, this 2019 collection from Rue de Seine is adorned with lacing, fringes, embroidery and tassels to embody the bohemian spirit, without limit. The silhouettes are modern, largely influenced by cultures from

The wedding dress designer Elodie Michaud shares today with us the images of her new collection of wedding dresses. Simple and clean cuts, sublimated by Calais lace with reliefs and very graphic patterns. A few touches of glamorous satin, mixed with very feminine floral motifs. This collection is definitely in her image, soft, tender and romantic. Elodie tells us more about her inspirations … “For this fifth collection, I wanted graceful, romantic, vegetal silhouettes, with a touch of freshness, simplicity, naturalness and femininity.The peaceful setting of Lake Geneva with this particular

Fluid cuts and pretty laces, Mélodie Boitard reveals to us her new collection, inspired by Italy of the 60s. The designer proposes creations breathing the freedom and the sun of the South of France, photographed by Pierre Atelier … This new collection gives to the Italian Dolce Vita a new breath through creations with graphics and light cuts, all with simplicity. Dresses, pants, tops and capes adorn themselves with pretty embroideries and delicate laces for a daring but elegant style. These creations, which each bear the name of an Italian city, are

Something old, something borrowed, something new and something blue. And yes, blue is traditionally the color of the bride and groom, and it is precisely this color that your friends have decided to honor at their wedding this summer. Besides decorating, they would very much like you to stick to a dress code, and find an outfit that matches their wedding. So if you are not very inspired, we have concocted a small fashion selection in blue to attend all the beautiful weddings of your loved ones this summer. lovely

Margaux Tardits reveals today the images of her new collection of wedding dresses, named Eden. A light collection with much character, and ten new creations that are both contemporary and timeless, that jostle codes without breaking them, modern dresses imbued with authentic know-how … This new collection was inspired by the visit of Claude Monet’s house in Giverny. The games of light and the special atmosphere of the water garden immediately seduced the designer, who decided to make nature her first inspiration for 2019. The credo of the designer: sculpt,

Since 2013, Alison Touzé, founder of the the brand De soie et d’émotions, creates dresses made to measure in her workshop in Blois. This year, she launches her first semi-measurement collection of 25 creations, a way for her to unveil her universe full of romance and melancholy outside the walls of her studio … Already a little girl, Alison’s dream was to create wedding dresses. She learns the basics of sewing from her grandmother, and it is naturally with her to her ribs that she launches her first collection today:

Fluid cuts and pretty lace, let’s discover today the images of the latest wedding dress collection of the brand Lorafolk, which reveals delicate and bohemian creations, to delight brides searching the simplicity of the detail for the dress of their dreams. Serrated necklaces, flounces of silk and pretty embroidery, we love the simple bohemian style of the new creations of Lorafolk. It introduces dresses that breathe the freshness of a candid and free bride, under a summer sun. And this jumpsuit ! A delicate and elegant personal crush, which is the

Buying a wedding dress can constitute a big budget in the plan of a wedding, and all the future brides do not have several thousand euros to consecrate to this outfit, what is more, which will carry only one time. But find the pearl gem for less than 1000 euros is possible, the proof is with this pretty selection of dresses of all styles! Feel free to surf on fashions websites, which are often brimming with bargains regarding wedding dresses (old destocked collections, end of series, …). Also bet on

Sidonie Floret, the founder of Maison Floret exclusively reveal on La mariée aux pieds nus the images of her latest collection of wedding dresses. For its fourth season, she proposes creations both modern and authentic, with graphic, simple and modern lines, pretty bare backs for a bit of impertinence, we love it! It is the 60s that inspired the designer, who use the seamstress codes of that era to offer graceful, simple and elegant creations with marked waist. The cloakroom of the future bride, resolutely modern despite its sixties influences,

Summer is here and the wedding season is in full swing. You may be invited to attend the beautiful day of your best friend, brother, sister or someone close to you, but you have still not found the perfect outfit to wear for this event. Why not bet on floral motifs? They are making their big comeback this season, and we love that! So today, we offer a small shopping selection of floral dresses and jumpsuits that smells like summer! Short dresses Long dresses Jumpsuits And if you have not

The search for the bride is often one of the most important and difficult positions of the organization of a wedding .. If for some the decision was very fast, for others, it is a little more complicated … What creative? What style? If you encounter these questions, why not turn to the showroom of dresses to make your choice? Showrooms have the advantage of offering several different dresses of different designers and different styles, and may give the opportunity to undecided to make their choice. So today we are

Today, La mariée aux pieds nus, we reveal to you the images of the latest creation of Camille Marguet,  wedding dress designer, associated with the talented Zoé Leboucher, founder of Admise, to create THE wedding suit… Camille and Zoé both share the same desire to show a modern, and parisian bride with an assertive freedom. Because marrying must first be a choice of the heart, choosing her outfit for this big day must be as much. You do not want to get married in dress? No worries, get married in

Which bride, mom, best friend or older sister has never needed to wipe tears of joy during a wedding? Crying, yes, but with style, and surely not in drying your tears with simple and basic paper tissues! It is from this observation that COUSU was born, founded by Chloé, a french wedding photographer, who had the great idea to create embroidered handkerchief made with organic cotton to dry the tears of love during the D-days of beautiful lovers … By dint of seeing the tears flow at weddings, Chloé had the idea

Jeanne Source revealed a few days ago the images of her latest collection of wedding dresses. It is the pretty region of Luberon that inspired the new collection of the designer, who offering us today a walk in her native Provence and share the elegant, delicate and solar silhouettes of his new models, photographed by Milena Guell… “The Jeanne Source bride is in love and free, a bit wild, sensual and determined. She pays particular attention to its natural look. She imagines herself in a refined dress, airy with a touch

If during the organization of a wedding, we often more focus on the bridesmaids (and female guests in general) dresses, we sometimes forget men! So today on La mariée aux pieds nus, we are giving pride of place to the boys, offering these gentlemen a shopping selection to give them ideas if they have not found the outfit they will wear on the D-day yet. For a blue wedding Gentlemen, do you have to follow the dress code of the wedding? Women are not the only ones who must adhere to

Simple, clean and contemporary lines in a Parisian setting, this is what the two sisters Janina Selbach and Bianca Krämer, the founders of the Maison Soeur Coeur offer to us today with an extract of the shooting of their new wedding dresses collection, photographed in the heart of the French capital … The designers have understood this: 2019 is over with the bohochic look, the simplicity, the elegance, the lighter lines are are more privileged  That draw the silhouette with delicacy: purity and femininity are the Sister Heart’s keywords for this

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